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Human Factors Expert: (860) 572-0043

We have over 30 years of government, commercial, industrial human factors, safety and training experience.


We continue to provide human factors and safety consulting services with a consistent high level of expertise.


Our experience and continuity speak to our ability, knowledge, and commitment to all our clients.

A.C. Macris Consultants

Who we are

We are human factors/ergonomics experts, who work on a wide range of personal injury cases including machine guarding, slip/trip and falls, warnings, product design analysis, human error analysis, and accident investigation.

Our practice supports cases associated with consumer and industrial products as diverse as paper roller machines, recreational boat railings, geriatric falls, and table saws.

Human Factors Expert: (860) 572-0043

Integrity Matters


I am pleased to advise that this case has been settled. At long last. I thank you for the time and effort and expertise that you have all provided to this matter. Job well done!

Thank you for your assistance, your human factors contributions proved pivotal in resolving this matter in favor of our client.

Your credible opinions, in addition to the general like-ability of our client, were the heart of our liability case, and something the defendant obviously did not want to have presented to a jury. We would also have no hesitation in recommending your services to other attorneys.

Especially valuable in this case was your insight into visual and mechanical limitations of the elderly population, as well as your in-depth knowledge of industry design standards for walking paths.

For more information or to inquire about working with us, feel free to contact us.