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What is Human Factors?

The central focus of Human Factors relates to the consideration of human beings in the design of man-made objects, facilities, and environments that people use in the various aspects of their lives. The central approach of Human Factors is the systematic application of relevant information about human characteristics and behavior to the design of man-made objects, facilities, and environments people use.

It's all about people hurting themselves because of defective designs, defective products, in-attention on the part of supervisors, and ineffective warnings.

How will I know if Human Factors is right for a case?

Usually, a brief explanation of the case, followed by a few simple questions can establish the necessity or added value of a Human Factors specialist from A.C. Macris Consultants to your team. Our staff of multi-disciplined research and engineering associates brings an exceptional experience base from which to draw. This expertise is applied to analyze and evaluate each client’s unique situation, determine the application boundary conditions, and then provide meaningful and responsible information.

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